About Us

About Us

APEXEON is a “Infrastructure Asset Management” organization

...specializing in construction, bricks and mortar infrastructure and telecoms networking, specifically, fibre optic networks for suburbs, gated communities, office parks and apartment blocks around the country. 

APEXEON’s modus operandi is centred on the Build, Operate and or Transfer methodology.

As pioneers of the Build and Transfer model in the telecoms industry, to date we’ve built and transferred in excess of 25 000 home passes to some of the giants of the industry, Vodacom, FrogFoot and Octotel.

Through our conceptual thinking and delivery proficiency we’ve collaborated with and continue to cooperate with Aurecon, Kingsway Civil, and The Pro Group among others.

APEXEON is black female owned and has a Level-1 BEE rating...

We are headquartered in Century City in Cape Town and have a presence in Gauteng, Free State and Eastern Cape.

The Apexeon management team has extensive experience in construction, real estate development, the IT and Telecoms industries. With their understanding of the various industries, the company is well positioned to capitalize on the ongoing country’s requirements.

In addition, and as an extension of our ongoing efforts into innovation, we have applied our knowledge, skills and experience in developing a number of conceptual solutions and proposals to various industries and markets. This includes, but is not limited to, accommodation for schooling, providing classroom based technologies, tech centers and manufacturing plants.

To support our projects, we have rolled out state of the art systems and software to ensure quality & delivery are of the highest standard across the country.


Apexeon prides itself on connecting its clients and end-users. Internally we are no different. Each department achieves their goals
through the support of other departments. This synergy creates a
unified voice and brand from within the company.

The core divisions within the company structure:

  • Executives
  • Administrative
  • Operations
  • Compliance
  • Sales
  • Marketing

Why choose Apexeon?

Apexeon prides itself on:

    • Fast Installations and turnarounds
    • Best quality materials
    • World Class workmanship
    • Minimal disruption
    • Comprehensive understanding of network technology

Mission Statement

Apexeon prides itself on:

  • Innovation
  • Sustainable and renewable approaches
  • Best quality materials
  • World Class workmanship
  • Minimal disruption
  • Comprehensive understanding of network technology


Client-Based turnkey solutions - We manage relationships and services. Apexeon’s main revenue clients are Public Sector and Telcos however our business also relies on the relationships we establish with end-user consumers.  Thus our ethos is to serve both through a turnkey-solutions methodology, ensuring a holistic experience.

"The condition of a country’s infrastructure forms a large part of defining the quality of life enjoyed by the populace, as well as determining the desirability of the country as a tourist or business destination. Apexeon - currently active in the areas of both Telecommunications and Bricks & Mortar infrastructure development - will strive to deliver the best quality products to play a positive role in shaping the future South Africa"

-Apexeon CEO, Miedie Sadien

The Team