Gameem Baxter joined Apexeon in 2018. He started his career as a social development field worker
in the then Advise Office. From there he went on to work for the largest municipal trade union,
Samwu, as a provincial organiser. While at the union he enhanced his negotiation and facilitation
skills and later become part of the provincial bargaining council responsible for wage negotiations
and dispute resolution. He moved on to work at the Cape Winelands District Municipality as a social
and economic development facilitator and was later seconded to manage the Global Fund HIV/AIDS
programme as part of the Western Cape Government Steering Committee.
He later moved to the private sector where he worked as a freelance project manager and
facilitator. Facilitating and managing various types of projects across a wide range of sectors
including the construction industry. In 2013 he was tasked to manage a prefab school project on the
borders of Namibia and Angola. On successful completion he was appointed to manage various
other projects in Angola including the building of an airstrip. Upon his return he managed various
construction projects including the building of low cost housing in Vredenburg, Delft and Worcester.